Friday, January 29, 2010

Worcester as a comfy sweatshirt.

Tonight is my 'Why I Love Worcester' moment.

Flora + Dive Bar + The Howl + Erica and Alec = me in a really good mood.

I admit, there are times where this city gets me down.  It can be ugly, dirty, unenlightened (do you hear me T&G posters!).   Then there are other warm, beautiful January days where the late afternoon suns are a gift from the weather gods and you feel your case of mid-winter blues just fly away.

Tonight was one of those nights.  I admit that I am writing this post with the help of one dose of Left Hand 400 Pound Monkey, one dose of Stone 13th Anniversary, 2 doses of 21st Amendment Monk's Blood and 2 doses of Southern Tier Chocolate.

I love this town/city.  To most it might be just a way stop, others a fall back option.  This is where I was born, this is where I returned to after seeing a bit of the world.  I love it here.  It might be dirty and smelly and embarrassing in some parts, but it is just like my Sunday sweatshirt.  It's comfortable, warm and makes me happy.  I might wear it out to the corner store or a friend's house, but I wouldn't wear it out for a nice dinner (even though I still love it.)  Without it, my life isn't as complete, and there is always a chance I can improve it, once I get that lo-mein stain out of the center of my chest.

I wouldn't trade it in for anything else once I get it patched, and this is why I love Worcester.

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