Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck is a Socialist and a Communist!

Glenn Beck apparently wants to be the next Martin Luther King Jr.  Apparently Glenn Beck doesn't know anything about MLK's beliefs.  Here's a handy primer for anyone who might be suckered into thinking there are similarities.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sign Spotting.

I wonder if Mike will do another post on Worcester's political signs.  If he does, I'm curious to see what he will say about Paul Franco's sign:
Does he not want to be seen at night?  Is he playing off the Army's black and gold color scheme?  This picture was taken at high noon, with a few afternoon shadows creeping towards the sign.  I wonder how it will look at night.
Sadly, my favorite mixed message picture is no more.  
Apparently someone has bought this abandoned house and doing some improvements, which is great.  Boarded up houses are never fun, even when they have political signs on the front lawn.

Next Week's Traffic Report.

In honor of Jeff Barnard's annual school's about to start post, here's a few images of Newton Square:

 I don't envy anyone who has to navigate Newton Square next week.  It would have been nice to see all this done before the yellow school buses started rolling, and I thought they would get it done.  Now I'm not so sure.

I'll try to get some pictures of the inevitable traffic jam next week.  Hopefully it won't be as bad as this.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What about the 3rd Congressional Distict?

This Far Left Side comic strip is the best summation of last night's Shrewsbury League of Women Voters' debate between the Robert Delle, Michael Stopa, Marty Lamb and Brian Herr.  (Robert Chipman wasn't in attendance.)  I've yet to hear them discuss local issues, only jump on the latest Republican/Tea Party meme.  Here are a few howlers from their websites:
From Michael Stopa's Core Belief: I Believe in American Exceptionalism:
"For that reason, in the dungeons around the globe the sound of our name has often been the sound of hope."
Or would that be the sound of waterboarding and 'enhanced interrogation techniques?  Michael Stopa is also a fan of Atlas Shrugged:
"Another great article, this one about why "Atlas Shrugged" is more meaningful today than ever before. Businesses cannot and will not grow and thrive until government gets out of their way. And that won't happen unless we defeat liberals like McGovern!"

Bonus points for Mr. Stopa: he has a blog with actual updates, unlike Robert Delle's blog.
From Marty Lamb's Issues page on Illegal Immigration:
"2. Authorizing the deployment of the United States military along the border and building a permanent border. 
We have a permanent border, affirmed by treaties with Mexico and Canada, Marty.  Perhaps you mean fence, not border?  And have you ever heard of the Posse Comitatus Act, or the 14th Ammendment?  I do appreciate his efforts to use his name throughout the website, referring to himself in the third person as "The Lamb Chop" and his signs as "Lambscaping."
Brian Herr can only talk in bullet points.  Check out his sparse Talking Points Cribbed From Watching Fox News Page Issues page:
 What would those common sense reforms be?  Perhaps he doesn't know, because later he says:
He used the future tense, so I guess after he is elected, he ask us what the common sense reforms are?
Robert Delle's casual knowledge of grammar and spelling hasn't changed since I first reviewed his website.  Nor has he expanded his list of links, which consists of one: Newsmax.com.  Newsmax happens to be the favorite of another spelling challenged talking point candidate, Ms. Sarah Palin:
 Bob Chipman is also a fan of bullet points, and his first Issue is the following:
That's called an election, Mr. Chipman.  The Pelosi/Reid Junta didn't invade Washington D.C. and stage a coup of the Republican Congress (despite what Glenn Beck told you).  I find it funny that he thinks all non-Democrats are 'independent and moderate.'  Like Robert Z. Nemeth, he seems to confuse independent with Republican.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nativism is alive and well.

Following up on yesterday's post is an Op-ed from the New York Times' Ross Douthat.  Douthat makes the argument that mainstream pressure on immigrants to assimilate is in the best interest of our society.  He makes the argument in the context of the 'Ground-Zero Mosque,' but references the Nativist and  Know-Nothings of 19th century America and says that:
"Nativist concerns about Catholicism’s illiberal tendencies inspired American Catholics to prod their church toward a recognition of the virtues of democracy, making it possible for generations of immigrants to feel unambiguously Catholic and American."
How he can make the argument that violence, murder, intimidation and discrimination is the best path to promote assimilation escapes me.  Salon.com's Joan Walsh has an excellent rebuttal.
While we are on the subject of the 'Ground Zero Mosque,' here's a blog post from the Village Voice's Foster Kamer putting the location of the Park 51 Community Center in perspective.

And The Daily Show nails it as usual:

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Tea Partiers, pay attention!

It's never been easy in America as an immigrant.  It doesn't matter what year, or even what century we live in.  It seems to be an American tradition to hate newcomers.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ward 9 and Paxton Sign Spotting

I headed north in Ward 9 and beyond into Paxton, and here's a sign update: (I only count individual properties with signs, not number of signs per property.)  I've noticed at least 4 different houses which sport both a Perotto and a Smith sign.  I wonder if they inspire some divided loyalties over the dinner table?

State Representative, 13th Worcester:
Joff Smith: 27
Mike Perotto: 18
Gina Dibaro: 17
John Mahoney: 9
Don Sharry: 8
Margot Barnet: 6
Paul Franco: 1

Worcester County Sheriff:
Scott Bove: 8
Tom Foley: 2

Massachusetts 3rd:
Patrick Barron: 1
Marty Lamb: 1
Jim McGovern: 1
Michael Stopa: 1

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ward 9 Sign Spotting

I headed east in Ward 9 today, and here's a sign update: (I only count individual properties with signs, not number of signs per property.)

State Representative, 13th Worcester:
Gina Dibaro: 11
Joff Smith: 5
Mike Perotto: 4
Don Sharry: 2
John Mahoney: 2
Margot Barnet: 1

Worcester County Sheriff:
Scott Bove: 2

Massachusetts 3rd:
Jim McGovern: 1

For Sale: 3
For Rent: 2

Monday, August 9, 2010

Great picture, but not a great image.

I saw this campaign sign on June Street tonight.  It's in a prime location on a busy street in a section of Worcester that has a lot of registered voters.  Unfortunately, the sign is in front of a boarded up house that has been abandoned for over a year.

I'm not sure that's the image the Smith campaign wishes to convey.
If lawn signs are an indicator of electoral success, Gina Dibaro is doing very well in my neighborhood.  She has roughly 10 signs in a few block radius, followed by Joff Smith, Margot Barnet, and Mike Perotto with one apiece.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Traded again!

Tim Collins was traded again this weekend in another 5 player deal. He was also promoted to AAA Omaha.

While some people might think that playing for the Kansas City Royals organization is a bad thing, it means Tim Collins is one step closer to the majors, and will definitely have a shot at a September call up.

Preconstruction Junction

While biking home from work, I was run off the road and onto the sidewalk by an idiot Wormtown driver in a cell phone in a large truck who apparently needed all two lanes of Franklin Street for her commute.  Luckily, I avoided becoming roadkill, and I happened to notice these new additions to the empty parking lot at the corner of Franklin and Foster Street.

Browsing through the Consigli website didn't reveal any projects that I could find, but I did turn up a brief mention in a Worcester Business Journal article from last June.

Could it be?  Could we finally be preparing to tear down the mall?  Tear down the mall!  Tear down the mall!