Thursday, January 14, 2010

The slow, churning inevitabiltiy of government.

I noticed two new No Parking signs across from my apartment Tuesday afternoon.  We've needed them due to a bunch of new people moving into the neighborhood, all with cars, and most with limited off street parking.  There are days where a small car can't get through the bend on Courtland St.

So I wondered when this request was made.

The request was made by Thomas Moore on 8/11/09.  It was referred to the Traffic and Parking Committee.

On 10/14/09, the Traffic and Parking Committee approved the request and referred it to the City Council.

On 12/1/09 the City Council approved the request with a vote of 11-0.

On 1/12/10 the signs were installed.

I wonder when the first ticket/tow will occur?

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