Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Will it be enough?

Scott Brown is finally making national news.  Unfortunately it's all been in the last two weeks before the election.  I know the cynical view of politics believes that we only have an attention span of about two weeks.    I always see polls going into Election Day with a percentage of 'undecided' voters.  I've never known any regular voters who are undecided.  Perhaps there is a certain percentage of the population who don't tell pollsters what they believe.  Perhaps this is the population that stands slack jawed and gaping in the supermarket staring at mayonnaise display with their shopping cart taking up the whole aisle (I'm talking to you, fat lady in the brown fur coat yesterday in Big Y).   Maybe every voter I know is opinionated and informed (checking list of friends and family, yes they are!).

Brown could have used this attention back in November and December to create momentum and an actual, interesting, covered race.  Instead, Coakley's snooze fest during December has let him back into the race.  I wonder if she spent most of her money during the primary?  Or did she truly believe she had this race wrapped up?

Either way, I'm not voting for any of them.  Time for another write in candidate.

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