Monday, January 25, 2010

"I think few people would say that what we really need in America is more corporate interference in the political process." -Alan Grayson

I railed against Citizens United vs. FEC last week, and so has most of the liberal side of American politics.  The only exception is Glenn Greenwald, a writer I respect.  (Part 1, Part 2Questions 1Questions 2).

I don't agree with his assessment especially in his Questions section, largely because I think a contribution from Wal-Mart or Planned Parenthood is far different than an individual contribution.  Both organizations aren't full of employees who agree on every issue or candidate.  A contribution from an organization will reflect the views of its leadership, and leadership already enjoys a significant voice in American politics.  Why should it increase? 

What happens when a foreign or multi-national organization enters the fray?

I doubt that any of these bills will make it out of committee, but Alan Grayson (D- Fla) certainly has a good sense of humor balanced with a sense of justice.

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