Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The impossible has happened!

There was universal agreement on the T&G comment section today!!!!! 

I'm amazed- only our City Council (with the exception of Bill Eddy and Phil Clancy) could unify the message boards with their vote to slap Adi Tibrewal and Lizz Todd in the face.  I emailed the entire City Council before the last vote to note my opposition to the 'historic' tennis court, and the only one who emailed me back was Bill Eddy, who agreed with me.  When government is conducted in a bubble, nothing good is accomplished.

Dear Joe O'Brien, Joe Petty, Rick Rushton, Kate Toomey, Konnie Lukes and Mike Germain:  You've disappointed me and lost my vote (assuming you had it in the first place.)  And if I lived in your district (or was named Paul Giorgio), Joff Smith, Phil Palmieri and Barbara Haller, you've lost my vote also!

In a related note, now we have a new potential lawsuit*** against the City.  According to my unofficial tally, we have a $10 million suit pending against the WPD and Cops after a police sergeant broke into someone's home for TV ratings.  We have the Redaction Imbroglio (brilliantly chronicled by Jeff at Wormtown Taxi) that has been going on for almost one year. 

***(Addendum- it's no longer a potential lawsuit.  Details are here.)

In all three instances, we have had bad decisions by leaders in our City Government produce lawsuits that have spent our tax money defending bad policy decisions.  Perhaps our City Government should stop making bad decisions for the New Year.  In the absence of any indication of previous wisdom on their part, I guess I can only hope for no decisions at all.


Nicole said...

Good for you for getting a response. When I sent my email a couple of weeks ago...dead silence. (I'd also be interested to hear whether DPW picked up the trash...)

SFD said...

I know Bill outside of politics, so that's probably why he's responded promptly to me on two issues now.