Saturday, January 16, 2010

Repetitive Redundancy.

The T&G also ran two articles about the Senate campaign side by side.  The Brown article was cut and pasted from Globe reporters Matt Viser and Andrea Estes, and the Coakley article  was by T&G reporter John J. Monahan.  Both articles used essentially the same talking point from the Coakley camp at the same spot in each article.  The effect was even more jarring in print, seeing that they were placed right next to each other.  

From the Globe article:
“Let’s be clear: I stand with Main Street ... It should be clear to voters that I stand with them, with taxpayers — not with big CEOs looking to line their pockets.”
From the T&G article:
“Scott Brown is going to stand up for Wall Street. … I am going to stand up for Main Street. I am going to stand with taxpayers when I say we want our money back.”

Every day the quality of the T&G slides farther downhill.  Most articles are cut and pasted from the Globe, the Times or the AP.  Prices have gone up, content has gone down, and they wonder why it isn't a profitable business anymore.  I'm really enjoying the new space saver- the Sports section no longer lists the complete standings for the NBA or NHL.  They only list the division the Celtics and Bruins play in. had an article about Clinton's visit.  The author Joe Conanson also slipped up, stating that:
 "Moreover, Coakley had endorsed Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid during the Massachusetts primary, defying the entire Democratic establishment in the state (including Kennedy, Senator John Kerry, and Gov. Deval Patrick) that had backed Obama."

Jim McGovern endorsed Hillary Clinton.   I wonder if he was the unnamed congressman from this quote:
"“I think she can pull this out,” said a Democratic Congressman who showed up in Worcester."

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