Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reason #1 why Scott Brown won't get my vote on January 19th.

The September primaries were lackluster, and I doubt January will be much better. Perhaps it has to do with the quality of the candidates and their lack of imagination and inability to stray from party dogma.

Scott Brown came out in favor of waterboarding. Channeling his inner Jack Bauer, he fired off this ridiculous statement:
“It's time we stopped acting like lawyers and start acting like Patriots.  If there is a time bomb situation and they know of a person who in fact has information, it should be up to the president to determine what tools he wants to use to gather information, ” Mr. Brown said, including waterboarding. “I believe it's not torture.”
Here are two videos and articles from people who agreed with him regarding waterboarding, until they volunteered to see what it was really like.

The first video is from columnist Christopher Hitchens along with an article about his experience.

The second video is from radio host Erich Mancow. I challenge Candidate Brown to undergo the same treatment and see if his answer changes.


Nicole said...

Do you have an audio link to my house, because my husband and I had this conversation:
Me: "Waterboarding? Really?"
Husband: "MM!"

SFD said...

Was that an MM as in yummy or an affirmation?

Nicole said...

An affirmation. He knows better than to engage me with real words when I start spouting off about things.

SFD said...

So MM is really 'Yes dear, I agree completely'?