Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two articles diverged on the Internet....

I've mentioned my ambivalent feelings about InCity Times before on this blog. (I'm not the only one.) Rosalie Tirella's latest articles best represent what a crapshoot that paper can be.

On the occasion of Joe O'Brien's inauguration as our symbolic weak mayor, Rosalie goes off on a rant that is unhinged at best. I'm amazed- she somehow manages to portray Joe as a racist good ol' boy based on events he had nothing to do with on a School Committee search he wasn't part of. Why does she retroactively accuse him of a crime he never committed....because he didn't sit down for an interview with her after she asked Barbara Haller to ask him for an interview.

Here she covers an issue that would likely be uncovered anywhere else. While it is covered in her usual angry, accusatory style, she points out how difficult it is to be poor and marginalized. That's the kind of stuff I want to read!

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Nicole said...

The problem with Rose is that she's got a good nose (or good sources with axes to grind), but doesn't know how to turn that into anything beyond a rant.

Did she find out whether people can still apply for food stamps at area hospitals? No. Did she call Frances Anthes for comment? Not that she says. Do we know WHAT she was discussing with Dennis Irish, or provide any quotes from him? No.

In other words, this would be GREAT if it were a blog post, but I expect something more from someone whose full-time job is to pull together a small newspaper every two weeks (not even running spell check on the "smart" Cheez Wiz' columns). Like making a couple of phone calls.