Monday, January 11, 2010


I noticed a bunch of Christmas trees dumped on Mayfield Street next to Beaver Brook Park Sunday afternoon.  The same thing happened last year, and the year before that, and the year before get the picture.

Last year the trees didn't get picked up by the City until April.  I decided to report it today (January 11th).  Let's see how long it takes!

I used the live chat option on the Parks page.  Six minutes after logging on, I was done chatting and Jessica assured me that she would notify the Street Division of the problem.


Dee Wells said...

Well, the same thing can be said for Granite Street once past Otto Avenue, you can find a number of furniture dumped, along with the occasional television that is sitting partly in the road.

I've called DPW&P to report furniture that was dumped just past Holy Name, and, I must say, they've been quick to pick it up.

I hope the same can be said for Mayfield Street.

The frustrating part is people know when the City allows them to dispose of the tree properly, but they choose to ignore the notices and then dump the tree anywhere and expect someone else to "clean it up".

Folks have to do better and take more responsibility for their community.

Sean said...

Back when I lived across from the former Tatnuck Bookseller, I was constantly amazed by the sheer volume of trash dumped in and around the park. Good to see that it hasn't changed in the ensuing four years!

SFD said...

The trees and yard waste drive me nuts. The Parks has a truck in the upper parking lot during work hours and on Saturdays, but people just drop their yard waste on Mayfield Street when the lot is closed.

The woman who took my complaint at Parks told me that the reason it takes so long to get stuff off of Mayfield is because it isn't a public way. If it's not public, then it is part of the.....PARK! So clean it up!