Saturday, February 13, 2010

You used to find this info in the paper.

I stumbled across this page on Facebook today.  Apparently Karyn Polito (R- Shrewsbury) is contemplating a run for State Treasurer.  On Jim Braude's Broadside she said she is "Considering all the options" and is "50/50."  2010 should be a pretty active and interesting election season with all sorts of contested races statewide.
Representative Polito has a pretty interesting website, complete with an extensive Thought Of The Day section.  It was finally updated this week touting her appearance on Broadside after three month long hiatus.  There's actual substance and interaction on her website, which is rare for a politician's page.  I like to see how and why an elected official takes stands on issues- especially on the record and in print!

On the negative side, I found her fictional "Westbury family" hook for the Issues page a little on the cheesy side.  Forget the story and go into detail on the issues!

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