Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Buyer's remorse already????

I just caught this gem from Saturday's Letters to the Editor:

I am 88 years old, and very disappointed. How come Sen. Scott Brown and President Obama were never mentioned as being 10th cousins? Mr. Brown, you just paired up with a man who took our Social Security percentage, and also our $250 check away from retirees. Mr. Brown used to call my house asking if I would vote for him. My son and I waited in the rain in line to vote for him. He rallied in Worcester, and he pulled in a big vote in Webster. How quickly he forgets where a place is. There’s one thing that my son and I should have done, and that was to vote for Attorney General Martha Coakley. But one thing is for sure, this will end my voting career. I don’t like open doors. I hope that Mr. Brown doesn’t come up with something else that will hurt us senior citizens. My son and I are independent voters. We voted for Mr. Brown because we thought that he would have some of U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s ideas. 


I'm amazed.  I don't even know how to respond to this claim.  If anyone knows Mr. Coleman, send him my way.  I have a few questions for him. 

Every time I read the Letters to the Editor, I come away with three theories:

1.  Not enough people submit letters on a given day, so an intern is given the task of writing loony letters to fill space.

2.  There's someone out there with a great sense of humor and a random name generator who writes in letters and shares the inside joke with a few friends.

3.  The Opinion Editor has a great sense of humor and includes the oddball letters for our general amusement (and as a warning).

My brain refuses comprehend that there are this many oddballs in Central Massachusetts with enough time on their hands to write a letter, find a stamp, and mail it in.  I think Mr. Coleman, if real, is the relative no one invites over for Thanksgiving because they'd get diatribes like this when they ask him to pass the cranberry sauce.

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