Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How did this story start?

Either National Grid, Thiro and the City of Worcester were embarrassed by Clive McFarlane's column and Jeff Barnard's post on Monday, or the remedy for Coolidge Road was already in the works.

At 8:15 Tuesday morning I saw a Thiro truck heading down Coolidge Road.  (I assume it was to fix the streetlights, or at least scope it out).
After a Google search for Thiro I found this finding from OSHA from 2000.  It probably explains ambiguous use of tenses in the "ZERO INCIDENTS ARE ACHIEVABLE" quote on the safety page of their website.

Mangled corporate speak always makes me laugh.  I imagine there's a large banner somewhere in their workspace, and I have visions of the crews heading out and tapping the motivational sign like they do in college football programs.

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