Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's nice to see good people get recognized for their efforts in Worcester.  I've known the Connollys since I was a child.  They're a great family that gives back to their neighborhood, whether through Elm Park/Prep Plus or the years they ran the summer Piedmont League at Beaver Brook. 

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Anonymous said...

You gotta give those folks credit.It's more than an up hill battle in that area and others in Worcester. Until this state gives landlords the power to immediately evict and chose who they allow to have as tenents, and the courts start supporting property owners instead of deliquent drug addicted criminals and ganstahs, the battle will continue. I've seen crime watch adovcate die of heart attacks never seeing any positive results in their neighbothoods. Tha's why many older landlords simply leave their flats empty. WHy go through the trouble? Hope the Connolys keep going.