Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why Worcester?

I was out at the Dive Bar tonight, sipping a few BBC Coffeehouse Porters, and had a potential UMass employee ask me Why Worcester?  I think I gave her a good answer.  She listened for a while (five minutes being an eternity when there's a good band playing and good beer just a shout away.)

My first answer?  I was born here, raised here, and educated here.  Then I went to New York for college and came back here.....Voluntarily!  I enjoy it.  It's large enough to be interesting, and small enough not to be overwhelming.  Every sort of geographical feature in New England is about an hour away, tops.  Spring and fall in New England can't be beat, especially if you avoid November and February.

Even though it might be a Dirty Old Town (sadly, she didn't get the reference), it's a city full of hidden gems and good people. 

I also added that in this economy, you shouldn't say no to a job.  Especially when you are from Pensyltucky.


Nicole said...

Sean, I feel like we were separated at birth. (Or my husband, judging from the S. M. Stirling book...)

When I was at college (metro Boston area), so many people I encountered would say, "Worcester? Yuck!"

I'd ask them if they'd ever been to Worcester. Their responses were either "No" or "Does the Centrum count?"

What I like about Worcester is that there's a decent amount of Culture-with-a-capital-C and great parks; my dissatisfaction with the city government has nothing to do with my feelings towards the city as a whole. I like that I can drive fifteen minutes (well, ten, really) and be in a relatively rural area, and that it's an hour to Boston and Cambridge and Amherst.

SFD said...

It's possible- I do have many stunt doubles. I had two people stop me the other night and call me the wrong name.

When I was in college Worcester was infamous for two things- Adam Sandler's Welcome to Worcester skit, and the city where some drunk college kids beat up Barney the Dinosaur.

Then my boss' girlfriend broke down under the 290 overpass at Grafton St. at 2 AM. That certainly didn't help Worcester's image.