Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What a surprise.

I posted about 165 Grafton Street and the CSX plans back in March.  While reading through Jeremy Shulkin's excellent notes on the Public Works and Transportation meeting regarding CSX, I caught this nugget from Phil Clancy:
"A new plan has been proposed that would limit truck traffic on Grafton St. The new plan calls for closing the tip of Coral St. (between Union Place and Grafton St.) to anything but CSX traffic (to do this Frank’s Flower Shop will be taken by the company). It’ll be easy for trucks exiting I-290 East to get off and enter the CSX site right away, as well as enter I-290 East, but I must have missed how they’ll get to I-290 West. CSX estimates this will cost $2 mil for “modification.” Councilor Paul Clancy asked about business relocation, which CSX seemed ok with. He also asked about keeping that closed portion of Coral st. open to one-way traffic."
I figured Ron Gestone (owner of 165 Grafton Street) wanted his parcel of land included in the CSX expansion.  Who wouldn't want to unload a property with an empty storefront onto our new neighbors, especially when there is a $2 million price tag associated with the redesign?  165 Grafton Street is valued at $191,800.  Anyone want to make predictions on the final sale price?

I'm curious why Councilor Clancy wants to know about business relocation.  There isn't a business at 165 Grafton Street.  It's still empty!  Perhaps the plans call for the removal of the buildings at 169 and 177 Grafton Street, which actually house active businesses.

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Nicole said...

Is "Phil Clancy" a two-headed councilor? :)

And I can't yet believe that no one has noted that this man is not actually running a business out of this building.