Thursday, April 1, 2010

Patrick Barron, Candidate.

Nicole has been urging me to do more reviews of candidate's webpages, and today's post about the 3rd Congressional District gave me a lot of material.

I'll begin with Parick Barron (Facebook profile here):

Mr. Barron is from Shrewsbury and is a 14 year employee of the Massachusetts Department of Health.  He has two slogans featured prominently on his webpage: "A Better Way" and "Vote People Not Parties."
Mr Barron has three pages devoted to his positions: Issues 1, Issues 2, Issues 3.  He also has two pages devoted to Jim McGovern: The Incumbent and a campaign brochure.  There is one About Me page.

Here are his stances on the issues, with a few quotes:

-Believes schools need improving, and should be controlled locally.
-Won't accept PAC money.
-Supports all tax decreases.
-Supports eliminating all congressional earmarks.
-Is pro-choice.
-Supports same sex marriage and civil unions.
-Supports the 2nd Ammendment.
-Opposes Cap and Trade, yet believes the U.S. hasn't properly used domestic and renewable resources. 
-Opposes Healthcare reform:
"As someone who has worked in government healthcare for the last fourteen years, my position is clear.  I do not want the government running our health care.  We do need to have an improved system of healthcare. This health care must be cost efficient, comprehensive, and available to all. Per usual there are many, many steps to achieve this without a massive overhaul of the existing system. Unfortunately, many in Washington thrive in the dysfunction of the bureaucracy."
 -Death penalty:
"In theory I support the death penalty. As it is implemented now I do not. The average time a person spends on death row is approximately 12 years. The cost of trying death penalty cases is hundreds of millions more than life without parole convictions. If there is a way to make this process quicker, more efficient, cost less and yet ensure complete fairness I would support it. Right now it is not financially practical. This money could be better spent on other issues related to law enforcement and the courts."
"Washington has a failed immigration policy. There are close to 12 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. yet Washington still has no clear policy. Washington is not competent enough to find and deport 12 million people. We will need a better solution. The first step to solving immigration is having full control of the borders. Without this, any other reforms will just be more failing policy. Simplify the process. Step one, control the borders. When Washington has shown the ability to do this then we will be ready to address other issues."
 -Opposes the financial bailouts:
"I support auditing the federal reserve, or any division of the government. The government should be accountable to the people."
-On national security, believes in "Peace through Strength."
"I do not agree terrorists should be given the same rights as American citizens."
My thoughts on his site?  It's clearly his words and ideas on the site, and while it lacks polish, you get an clear idea about how he thinks and what he believes.  Mr. Barron could use some editing and expansion and clarification on the issues pages, and a lot more substance.  (I'll probably say that about every candidate- I have a preference for candidates who geek out about details.)

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Patrick Barron said...

Thank you for including me in your review.
I agree with the site needing some polish. I'll work on that. Hopefully it will give people enough information to consider me as a viable candidate.
Both parties have been part of creating the problems in Washington for years. I believe at this point I am the only candidate who pledges to take no PAC money, ran as an Independent to not be beholden to any party and has committed to several ideas to make Washington and politicians more accountable to the people.
One idea being the public should be able to regulate the pay of congress based on performance with the potential to reduce congressional salaries by 100,000. dollars per year. I support eliminating ALL earmarks, eliminating night and weekend votes, and significant penalties if transparency of proposed bills is not adhered to. Thanks, Pat