Thursday, April 1, 2010

Robert Delle, Candidate.

Robert Delle is from Westboro and is currently employed as an attorney.  He was born in Worcester, and graduated from UMass with a degree in Political Economy.  Mr. Delle served as an alternate delegate to the state Democratic Convention in 1990 and also served for 5 years on the Westboro Planning Board.  In 1992 Mr. Delle ran as an independent candidate for Worcester's 9th District, finishing third behind Marsha Platt and George Peterson. (Results here.)  Mr. Delle had this to say about the 1992 race:
"If Olympic medals were given out, I would of won Silver.  My opponents were the present House Minority George Peterson and Marcia Platt who eventually won that year. A political truism was established.  Two guys and a woman in a race, the woman is always going to win!  Anyhow, I lost big time and mirrored what Perot did with my percentage. That told me about independent movements, they never win. There are only two sets of values, and independents will flock to the values that are most pressing at the time."
 Mr. Delle goes into great detail about his life and the evolution of his political beliefs on his Who Am I page.  A detailed, personal account like this is rare and very refreshing to see on a candidate's website.  He also has links to his blog, but there's only two posts since January 25th.  (Come on Bob, post more!)

Mr. Delle has three pages outlining his beliefs: Why I'm a Republican, My Experience, and Jim McGovern is the problem.  He uses the slogan "Bipartisanship Creates Prosperity."

Here are his stances on the issues, with a few quotes:

-Believes we should emulate the Reagan years:
"I believe we have to go back to the Policies of Reagan. Where there any wars during this period?  The answer was no we were respected and at the very least where left alone by other Governments. What about the economy, his policies gave us a 25 year economic expansion, that would certainly look good about now."
-Opposes cap and trade:
"This is a good opportunity to see the big democratic lies about human activity, especially the human activity, that gives us enjoyment like travel having things, and driving nice cars is the cause of our destroying the world. Warming up? The earth is in a constant cycle of warmth and cooling caused by sun spots, changes in currents and natural occurrences like meteors and volcanoes. Its not people enjoying life that is causing the planet to be destroyed."
-Believes in cutting taxes:
"The economy dropped from a 10% unemployment to the largest economic because of his policies of growing the economy and tax revenues by cutting taxes! Voodoo economics worked!"
-Opposes the recently passed health care bill:
"Mr. McGovern got up and chatted about his socialist dream of “Equal Health care”, with him and his pals getting best of course. I was actually sitting near an old timer with a Leyete Gulf cap, a WWII vet, and he is telling him that he and Nancy Pelosi knows best for his health care and don’t worry the death panel will be kind!"
My thoughts on his site?  As an independent candidate, he's the author of all the content.  While it is refreshing to have that sort of candor, Mr. Delle needs some editing help.   He especially needs to detail where he stands on more issues.  I really struggled to find concrete examples of his positions, but plenty of his ideology.

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