Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I've been playing a new game with myself as I read the T&G every day.  Is this article worth my money?

Today's Dianne Williamson's column falls into the "Not worth my money!" category.  Did the editors screw up and post Laura Porter's column instead of Dianne's?  (No offense intended, Laura.  I just have higher expectations for the lead columnist on the front page of the Local section.)

Judging by the comments, I am in the minority when it comes to dislike for this column.  Perhaps it is because I own a Droid, was able to read the instruction manual that came with it, and even read the extended manual on that-there-Internets-thing-a-ma-bob.


Nicole said...

Perhaps she needed to do a lighter column after incurring the wrath of the whole fire department?

Sean Dacey said...

Good point. This year she's antagonized unions, the fire department, and the Catholic Church. That article would be perfect for het T&G blog.....oh wait. It doesn't exist.