Friday, April 9, 2010

Foley Stadium

I was down at Beaver Brook Park this past Tuesday afternoon.  Chandler Street was packed with parked cars due to multiple high school games at Foley Stadium.  (I can't call Foley by any other name, just like I still use Great Woods and the Centrum instead of their current corporate sponsor names.)
 As I drew closer, I realized the Beaver Brook/Foley parking lot was locked and empty.
I know the School department employees at Foley have a key to the lot.  They are supposed to unlock it during games to prevent traffic backups on Chandler Street, which is one of the heaviest traveled roads in the city.  In the past the upper lot has been left locked to prevent people from dumping yard waste and trash in the lot when the DPW crews aren't there.  It doesn't work.  Instead, we get a wall of yard waste at the gate like this:
It was far worse last week- the Great Wall of Beaver Brook extended the whole length of the wood fence and covered most of the gate.  This 'little' pile accumulated on Sunday and Monday.  I volunteer at Ted Williams Little League, and after numerous complaints, we received a key for the upper lot because our parking on Mayfield Street always fills up like this: 
 The few times our parents have parked on Chandler Street, they were ticketed.  I didn't see any WPD out ticketing the Foley crowd.  Hopefully this won't happen again!

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Tracy Novick said...

Was this any better the past few weeks? I sent in an email about it when you posted this.