Thursday, April 1, 2010

Robert Chipman, Candidate.

Robert Chipman (Facebook profile here) is running for the 3rd Congressional District.  His website is a work in progress with very little content.  I suggest expanding your website if you want anyone to know who you are!

Here are his stances on the issues, with quotes:

-Health care:
"Health care is under attack by Federal Government under the “charade” that they will make it better.  Have we ever seen the government make anything better?  Does a 2000 page document make sense to anyone? Congress doesn’t care.  No matter how ill conceived and burdensome to Taxpayers, Elderly, our Children."

-The role of government:
"It intrudes on every part of our lives. What we are earning, day after day, goes to pay Government’s unsustainable growth.  Our private economy sector and their commitment to employment for citizens must be the centerpiece to all recovery and any “taxpayer stimulus”."
 -National Security"
"has been “handcuffed” by this current administration and has put the United States in the worst international position since President Carter’s presidency. We need to listen to and support our military and intelligence agencies.  We rely on them to protect our country."
"I was raised Roman Catholic and consider myself Pro-Life."

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