Tuesday, December 1, 2009

City Councilor Santa Claus, your time is up!

City Councilor Bill Eddy promised to change the City Charter after this November's election, and today the T&G reported that he is one step closer to amending our City Charter.

“Some might say we are trying to correct a problem that doesn’t exist, but I look at it as filling a void left in the charter.” said District 5 Councilor William J. Eddy, committee chairman.

Speaking of voids, I searched the City website for information regarding his order, and found this. When you click on attachments, you get this.

I'd like a few more details, please.

-Will the candidates have to collect the same number of signatures that they would in a regular election?

-Do they have 90 days to pull papers and collect signatures, or is there a smaller window of time?

Tonight I sent out an email to Councilors Eddy, Petty and Toomey. I'll post any details they share when I get them.

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