Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where's my red pen?

I know ink and pages are limited in the T&G, but couldn't we get a more substantial article with actual details?

Here's what I mean:
"Mr. Rushton and Councilor-at-Large Joseph M. Petty opposed the lowest residential tax rate and offered a set of alternative tax rates that were less odious for business property owners, but both motions were soundly rejected."

-What was the alternative tax rate? I was working, so I couldn't attend the meeting. When I pick up the paper in the morning, I'd like that detail please. Nick Kotsopoulos has quotes from four councilors in the article, but couldn't print the details of the Rushton/Petty plan? I'm so glad that he quoted this gem from Mike Germain: “(the) economy is in such a mess."

Thanks. I hadn't noticed.  This is why ideas like Nicole floated are happening across the country.

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