Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Councilor Santa Claus, Updated.

I received a prompt reply from Bill Eddy regarding yesterday's post regarding a special election for a vacancy.

"1 & 2. Yes, candidates would have to collect the usual number of signatures (300 at-large, 100 district). In the event of a vacancy, the council would set an election date (90 days) with a signature filing date (between 30 & 45 days).

3. In the unlikely event of a vacancy, the city would incur the cost of an election from general funds. While we are attempting to fill a Charter void by having a process in place, it is worth some perspective. Since the inception of this current Charter in 1987, we have had 17 district councilors represent five districts. Of the 17, we have had 1 mid-term vacancy (1990). We have had at-large and school committee vacancies, but have never gone beyond ballot candidates which would trigger the special election scenario we propose."

Too bad the T&G couldn't be bothered to print the details.


Nicole said...

Thanks so much for following up.

Also, kudos to Bill Eddy for getting back to you!

SFD said...

It's nice when you send out an email around midnight and get one back the next day in the mid afternoon!