Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tin Foil Hats

I usually avoid InCity Times much like I avoid the comment section in the T&G. When I first picked it up years ago while waiting for a Chicken Pesto Pizza at the Corner Grille, I thought it was a good idea. The T&G was downsizing, WoMag was getting stagnant, and I hoped InCity Times would improve. It hasn't.

The combination of misspellings, innuendo, crazy conspiracy theories, and ignorance usually makes my eyes bleed. Every so often there's a good piece of information that shines through, which is why I occasionally go back.

Today, I went back looking for a nugget, and found this gem.

I don't know Don Abraham or Jeff Richardson from a hole in the wall. But I do know that Worcester isn't spelled "Worcetser." Seriously Rosie- you live here. Unless you have a printing press in your basement, you're probably typing your articles on a computer. There's this lovely modern invention called spell check, and it even recognizes uncommon names like.....Worcester.

It reminds me of 1992 when the Centrum hosted the first round of March Madness, and the board had games in Worchester, MA...but they had an excuse.  They weren't from here.


Nicole said...

That's why we call her Rose "The Spella" Tirella.

Sean said...

Isn't the guy she's going on about the same guy she was fucking back in the day?

SFD said...

I have no idea if that is the boyfriend she used to write about. It might explain where she gathered all the lurid 'details' of her article.

Nicole said...

Sean is correct. They dated and this led to the infamous Dianne Williamson column about the blind gentleman whose dog died and who also used Richardson as a handyman. According to the column, Richardson informed Tirella that the dog passed away, and that the gentleman had had three seeing eye dogs die in a certain timespan. Tirella then called the gentleman for a proposed column; she never wrote the column, but Dianne Williamson wrote about it anyway.

SFD said...

Wow. I guess the moral of the story is to keep your dirty laundry hidden from Rosalie if you date her.