Thursday, August 19, 2010

What about the 3rd Congressional Distict?

This Far Left Side comic strip is the best summation of last night's Shrewsbury League of Women Voters' debate between the Robert Delle, Michael Stopa, Marty Lamb and Brian Herr.  (Robert Chipman wasn't in attendance.)  I've yet to hear them discuss local issues, only jump on the latest Republican/Tea Party meme.  Here are a few howlers from their websites:
From Michael Stopa's Core Belief: I Believe in American Exceptionalism:
"For that reason, in the dungeons around the globe the sound of our name has often been the sound of hope."
Or would that be the sound of waterboarding and 'enhanced interrogation techniques?  Michael Stopa is also a fan of Atlas Shrugged:
"Another great article, this one about why "Atlas Shrugged" is more meaningful today than ever before. Businesses cannot and will not grow and thrive until government gets out of their way. And that won't happen unless we defeat liberals like McGovern!"

Bonus points for Mr. Stopa: he has a blog with actual updates, unlike Robert Delle's blog.
From Marty Lamb's Issues page on Illegal Immigration:
"2. Authorizing the deployment of the United States military along the border and building a permanent border. 
We have a permanent border, affirmed by treaties with Mexico and Canada, Marty.  Perhaps you mean fence, not border?  And have you ever heard of the Posse Comitatus Act, or the 14th Ammendment?  I do appreciate his efforts to use his name throughout the website, referring to himself in the third person as "The Lamb Chop" and his signs as "Lambscaping."
Brian Herr can only talk in bullet points.  Check out his sparse Talking Points Cribbed From Watching Fox News Page Issues page:
 What would those common sense reforms be?  Perhaps he doesn't know, because later he says:
He used the future tense, so I guess after he is elected, he ask us what the common sense reforms are?
Robert Delle's casual knowledge of grammar and spelling hasn't changed since I first reviewed his website.  Nor has he expanded his list of links, which consists of one:  Newsmax happens to be the favorite of another spelling challenged talking point candidate, Ms. Sarah Palin:
 Bob Chipman is also a fan of bullet points, and his first Issue is the following:
That's called an election, Mr. Chipman.  The Pelosi/Reid Junta didn't invade Washington D.C. and stage a coup of the Republican Congress (despite what Glenn Beck told you).  I find it funny that he thinks all non-Democrats are 'independent and moderate.'  Like Robert Z. Nemeth, he seems to confuse independent with Republican.


Nicole said...

1) This was great

2) Do you think the real Lambchop (Shari Lewis' L.C.) could sue for defamation of character?

Sean Dacey said...

At the very least, it's a copyright infringement....unless she let him use that image.

Louise said...

The top issue in this election is job creation. Marty Lamb, 3rd district Congressional candidate, is the only candidate who has created jobs and signed the front of a paycheck. As a small business owner and job creator, Marty Lamb is the best candidate to go against Congressman Jim "McGovernment". Marty Lamb knows how to control spending and manage a budget. He was the first candidate involved with the Tea Party. Marty Lamb is the only candidate who has created comprehensive plans to cut spending, stop illegal immigration, and provide economic revival.

Mr. McGovern had his chance for 14 years, and it's time for him to go. McGovern's votes for Obamacare, cap and trade taxes, and pork barrel spending burden the private sector, raise taxes, hurt business, and kill jobs.

Marty Lamb has been running for Congress since April 2009. He knows what it is every day to meet the payroll, support his family, and pay the bills. He's working very hard throughout the district, and what's on people's minds is jobs, jobs, jobs. We need a job creator like Marty Lamb for our congressman, not a job killer like Mr. McGovern. A vote for Marty Lamb is a vote for job creation. A Congressman Marty Lamb will be in-step with working people and a return to fiscal responsibility. A Congressman Marty Lamb will work for us, because he's one of us. That's the type of change we need in Washington, a return to a people's Representative with a Congressman Marty Lamb.

Sean Dacey said...

Here's the problem with Marty Lamb's and Louise's argument. If he wins, he will be a freshman Republican Congressman. If control of Congress shifts to the Republican party in '10 and the White House in '12, history indicates that Marty Lamb will contribute to drastic increases in the national debt. Check out this chart, not empty campaign rhetoric.

Only four presidents since the Great Depression increased the national debt: Nixon, Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. The worst culprit was George W. Bush, with the help of a Republican Congress for 6 of his 8 years.

Marty Lamb is a candidate who will just get sucked into a Republican machine that will undermine our economy in favor of rich elites. I've lived through 3 depressions in my life, all under Republican presidents. Why should I do it again?

As for his illegal immigration plan, parts of it are unconstitutional. The other parts will only drive up prices- why do you think prices for your food are so low? Immigrants plant the food, pick the food, and prepare the food, and they work for cheap.