Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nativism is alive and well.

Following up on yesterday's post is an Op-ed from the New York Times' Ross Douthat.  Douthat makes the argument that mainstream pressure on immigrants to assimilate is in the best interest of our society.  He makes the argument in the context of the 'Ground-Zero Mosque,' but references the Nativist and  Know-Nothings of 19th century America and says that:
"Nativist concerns about Catholicism’s illiberal tendencies inspired American Catholics to prod their church toward a recognition of the virtues of democracy, making it possible for generations of immigrants to feel unambiguously Catholic and American."
How he can make the argument that violence, murder, intimidation and discrimination is the best path to promote assimilation escapes me.  Salon.com's Joan Walsh has an excellent rebuttal.
While we are on the subject of the 'Ground Zero Mosque,' here's a blog post from the Village Voice's Foster Kamer putting the location of the Park 51 Community Center in perspective.

And The Daily Show nails it as usual:

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Will W. W. said...

Love the VV. Always a "different perspective".
I read on Al Jazeera that there is already a mosque some 4 blocks away from GZ. Been there a while too.

Why doesn't Mayor Joe send a letter (he likes sending letters) to whoever and see if we can get that mosque built here. We gots lotsa brownfields downtown.

Imagine a swimming pool in downtown Wutsa, all the inner city kids would have a freaking blast; we wouldn't need new pools. Money saved and we could cut taxes.

Imagine the impact on Wust's diversity quotient? Heck, we'd outpace Springfield in no time.

Sean Dacey said...

Brilliant! Save our Poolz can become Save our Poolz/Mozquez!