Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ward 9 and Paxton Sign Spotting

I headed north in Ward 9 and beyond into Paxton, and here's a sign update: (I only count individual properties with signs, not number of signs per property.)  I've noticed at least 4 different houses which sport both a Perotto and a Smith sign.  I wonder if they inspire some divided loyalties over the dinner table?

State Representative, 13th Worcester:
Joff Smith: 27
Mike Perotto: 18
Gina Dibaro: 17
John Mahoney: 9
Don Sharry: 8
Margot Barnet: 6
Paul Franco: 1

Worcester County Sheriff:
Scott Bove: 8
Tom Foley: 2

Massachusetts 3rd:
Patrick Barron: 1
Marty Lamb: 1
Jim McGovern: 1
Michael Stopa: 1


Anonymous said...

you seem very critical of everyone. That makes me want to listen to someone else.

Sean Dacey said...

Thanks! You think that post was critical? That was probably my least critical post every!