Friday, August 27, 2010

Next Week's Traffic Report.

In honor of Jeff Barnard's annual school's about to start post, here's a few images of Newton Square:

 I don't envy anyone who has to navigate Newton Square next week.  It would have been nice to see all this done before the yellow school buses started rolling, and I thought they would get it done.  Now I'm not so sure.

I'll try to get some pictures of the inevitable traffic jam next week.  Hopefully it won't be as bad as this.


Tracy Novick said...

Sean, I had exactly the same thought when I went through there earlier this week, particularly as they're heading down towards Midland now. Also, they've taken over one of the great West Side stand-out spots during election season.

Sean Dacey said...

I don't think even Gary Rosen would have dared that intersection.

Tracy Novick said...

At minimum, he'd need a hard hat.