Sunday, March 14, 2010

Petty differences.

Do we really have City Councilors complaining about a raise for Brian Allen?  Didn't they give themselves an 84% pay raise for part time work a few years back when the budget was just as strained?  I also seem to remember City Manager Mike O'Brien handing out pay raises for his top assistants at City Hall during the same belt tightening periods.  Where was the outcry then?  Where were the calls for fiscal prudence?  (Maybe they should have hired Robert Z. Nemeth to write their campaign propaganda.)

I think members of the School Committee need to paint their faces blue and listen to this sound clip.  It seems as if the T&G and the City Council really have an axe to grind with money being spent on the school side of the city ledger.

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Nicole said...

First, I wish you would continue writing more about policitans' websites (a la Polito).

Second, if the biggest problem the city councilors have with this city is Brian Allen's raise -- instead of the millions in federal, state, and local subsidies given to PharmaSphere -- we must be doing great.

Third, I'm glad Polito is running for treasurer. She actually seems somewhat decent, though that's not the reason I'm glad. I'm in the extreme minority of people who have a lot of issues with restrictions around where sex offenders can or cannot be. I think it gives people a false sense of security and supports the equally false assumption that most of the crimes against children are committed by strangers...