Thursday, January 13, 2011

Breaking in a few Christmas presents.

I went for a hike up and around Newton Hill today on my new snowshoes, and used my new camera to document the results.  I was the only person in the park until the very end of my hike, where I found a few kids snowboarding by the tennis courts.
There were a few cross country ski tracks and snowshoe tracks already made on some trails, which made my afternoon easy, because there is some heavy, deep powder covering a firm base.
The summit was amazing and almost unblemished by human tracks, and the view perfect in all directions.
Nobody was out disc golfing.
I even had a flyover by a Chinook (I think?) that was heading towards Worcester Airport.  I tried to zoom in for a second picture, but I fumbled.
I'll be back tomorrow for more in preparation for my trip to the White Mountains at the end of the month.  I imagine I might need a few aspirin to loosen up tomorrow! 

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