Friday, February 18, 2011

Seen and unseen....

There are times where I would rather pass a kidney stone than watch a City Council meeting, and this comes from someone who enjoys politics.  I hate grandstanding, I hate back slapping, and I hate speeches to Buncombe.  Why Buncombe?  (I highly recommend reading Toponymity by John Marciano for that reference.)

Sometimes we're rewarded with moments of bizarre hilarity and great one liners.

Phil Palmieri had an epic moment in last Tuesday's meeting, beginning with his call for a ban on illicit seagull feeding activities in Worcester.  Then he complained about the lack of snow removal in his district.  (Thanks to Jeremy Shulkin's LiveBlog for the quote- I'd watch the meetings on my computer, but Microsoft Silverlight is needed, and it won't install on my Mac.)
"The problem that I have…it was my impression that this mega-snowblower that the city now owns was going to be in districts with small businesses and major arteries so we could clear those streets…I must tell you, I haven’t seen it in my district."
There are many things we don't see in this world that still happen, Phil.  I've seen the mega-snowblower in action on Hamilton Street, which is the southern boundary of your district.  It has happened in your district.  Please return to your monumental task of banning seagulls from drinking Four Loko in Worcester.

And a big thank you to Konnie Lukes for asking: "Do you have a motion buried in all that snow?"

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