Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The future site of CityFarm, and Chairs of Worcester.

I'm going to miss sights like this now that everything is melting.  This has to be the most pathetic parking space holder I've seen all winter.  I'm not sure this antique will deter anyone from stealing this space on Abbott Street.  (In a related note, Chairs of Worcester posters are still available.)
I'm not going to miss sights like this sidewalk glacier located at 344 Park Avenue, owned by Impala Meadows LLC.

I hope the City is collecting fines for unshoveled sidewalks from the Krock family.  It's been over a month, and this sidewalk is still uncleared.   I'm not surprised that the sidewalks aren't cleared considering this piece of abandoned property doubles as a homeless shelter during the summer months.
Seeing that this property and all the other Krock owned properties on Winfield Street, Abbott Street and Mayfield Street have been abandoned for over 20 years, wouldn't this be a great site for CityFarm or some community gardens?

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