Friday, June 11, 2010

I jinxed myself.

In a post the other day, I said I had never been solicited while downtown.

While on my way through the Common to the Irish Festival, I had a young woman ask me if I wanted methadone. (I declined. Methadone and Guiness don't mix well.)

I guess talking about my clean streak is just like talking about a perfect game as it happens.


Nicole said...

Sean -- that was a joke, I swear, Will W. W. just put me up to it.


Sean Dacey said...

I thought it might be you...I couldn't tell, you weren't holding up a laptop.

Will W.W. really wants that Curse of the Nipmucs to be true!

Will W. W. said...

Gee, I'm gone for a couple days and you guys start an insurrection.

Sean dudeo, if the curse is true, imagine how Wusta could capitalize on it? Get a tour bus with Nicole and Tracy dragged out as Nipmuc Squaws - can't drag their kids along.

Oh, let's not forget Hannah; she desperately seeking friends. We'll make her the bus driver? Um... Hannah?

Second thought... with the business talent pool around here, its guaranteed to fail.

I have always maintained, its the low quality governmental leadership, small-mind and risk averse business folk, and inordinate number of non-profits that have fucked this place up.

To say Wusta was born under a bad sign is an easy cop out, so let's just call it a curse and leave it at that.

Friday 9PM Nicky, what - got no life? ;>