Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Food Math.

There are 1,300 food establishments according to the T&G's Sunday story on food inspection in the City of Worcester.  They should be inspected twice a year, which equals 2,600 visits.  2,600 visits divided by three inspectors equals 866.67 visits per inspector per year.  866.67 visits divided by 52 weeks equals 16.67 visits per week.  16.67 visits per week divided by five work days equals 3.34 visits per day.

Are we supposed to believe that our food inspectors can't visit 4 restaurants a day over the course of a year?  Are they flooded by so much paperwork or other responsibilities that we can't have adequate bi-annual inspections?  Perhaps Part 2 of this story should involve Thomas Caywood and Andrew Veeder doing a ride along for a day with a Health Inspector.  The follow up certainly shouldn't be this fluff piece.
In a related story, This Week's Dumbest Comment on the T&G Website ended in a tie:
Suggested summer reading for 'T.E.A. partier' and 'Common Sense' is Upton Sinclair's The Jungle and just for fun, Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential.  Perhaps reading might change their viewpoint on 'big government' and laissez-faire policies.


Sprout said...

I love that you did the math on this! Even with vacation time, they should be able to cover it.

Sean Dacey said...

I had to do the math...after all, my dad is a mathematician!

Seriously, I wonder where there days go. I know the number and length of inspections has gone down dramatically the last two years. I want to know if they have other responsibilities. It seems like a perfectly logical follow up question.

Nicole said...

I'd been meaning to comment about this...

I really liked your discussion of the synergy between the T&G's investigative department, the columnists, the anonymous editorials, etc. Do we really need to promote one investigative article in five different directions?

Also -- I think the T&G investigative team is out to get Ping's Garden. First, the article about Madison Place the article about food violations...what's next? :)