Sunday, November 22, 2009

Two nights, two shows

Friday I caught Guns of Navarone at Beatnik's on Park Ave.

Nice spot for a show, great energetic band, and Long Trail on tap makes for a good night, even if I had to work the next day. I liked the new stuff that Guns played in their 2nd set, especially Lover's Rock (I think that was it- the 4th or 5th Long Trail might have jumbled the name in my memory.) The long winding song/story about trying to play reggae for Sarah Palin was fantastic, but I didn't catch the name of the song. I hope they play it again the next time I see them.

Saturday I saw Derek Warfield and The Young Wolfe Tones at the Worcester Hibernian Cultural Centre.

This was my first time seeing Derek with The Young Wolfe Tones, and they didn't disappoint! Damaris Woods was impressive on banjo, setting the tone and tempo all night without fail. I wanted them to play my favorite song, and they did towards the end of the second set.

I only had one gripe about the show, and it had nothing to do with the band, but with the karaoke in the pub next door in Fiddler's Green. The soundproofing doesn't work at all, and Derek's ramblings were often interspersed with off key renditions of Light My Fire and other classic songs reinterpreted/butchered just a few feet away. In the future, I hope the Cultural Centre doesn't book karaoke on nights where they have a band playing in the room next door.

I finished off the night next door at The Dive Bar with an Anderson November Bock. Amazing beer- it tasted like Fall in a glass. I usually try every new beer on the board when I am at the Dive, but I stuck with the November Bock the whole night.


Nicole said...

My husband and I were extremely blessed to see Derek perform at someone's house (!!!) and have a discussion with him, partly in the Irish language (!!!!) in the host's study, and he was sooo nice and a great performer. If we had lives and ever left our house, we would have loved to see him again. (Though I think my husband has seen the original Wolfe Tones.)

SFD said...

Lucky you! Derek was out during intermission and after the show talking with anyone who wanted to say hello. He's a great entertainer and a very personable, passionate man.

I've seen the original Wolfe Tones and the Young Wolfe Tones. Both shows were amazing and I'll catch him when they come back again!