Sunday, November 22, 2009

Privatize This!

I was at Worcester Local First's Networking Party at Commerce Bank on Main Street. The City Manager spoke and addressed his ten points of interest for the business community.

The point that caught my attention was his future goal of privatizing some city services, namely the garages and parking meters. He hopes to sell the managing rights (and future profits) in exchange for a one time fee to help the city through our current fiscal crisis.

I know we're facing a huge budget shortfall for the next few years, but let's not start privatizing services. The track record for privatization is terrible.

Worcester drivers will end up paying more for parking for however many years the deal is in effect while the city gets a one time fee. Will it be enough?

Where was the T&G with this news nugget? "Your search for parking privatization resulted in 0 articles."

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