Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Two Way Street Time Warp!!!

Nick Kotsopoulos' City Hall Notebook for 01/21/13 mentions that:
"City Manager Michael V. O'Brien is recommending that Harding Street be made two-way, from Winter Street north to Temple Street."
That section of Harding Street is already two way, and has been since the new sidewalks were installed in July. Need some evidence? Here's a real estate listing where you can clearly see the two way street in front of 85 Harding Street (picture is taken from the parking lot of the former Smokestack BBQ, facing east).

The item made it to the City Council agenda for 01/22/13. What happens if they don't approve the ordinance? Will we have to repaint the street? Was this change made without the City's knowledge by MassDOT and now we have to approve it?

I found out about this change was by complete (and nerve wracking) surprise. I was bicycling down Temple Street towards Green Street, and as I came to the stop sign, I looked right towards what used to be the only source of oncoming traffic. Suddenly, a car passed me from my left, and I yelled at the driver for going the wrong way down a one way street. To my surprise, it was no longer one way. I asked the few people I know in our city government, and no one had an answer for the sudden change in plans. Now I have an incomplete answer.

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