Sunday, October 7, 2012

Partisan Hacks.

Tina Hood, congratulations. You are a trained poll worker for the City of Worcester, and in testimony before our Election Commission, you stated that you didn't want to appear partisan in behavior.  Perhaps you shouldn't write letters to the Editor of the T&G displaying your partisan bias.

Here we have another fine example of partisan bias taking over our election system in Worcester, all in the name of electing their own party (and complaining incessantly in articles and comments about Democrats having the gall to be partisan.  Yes Robert Nemeth, that means you.  Please retire.  I'm sure there are far better writers who could make a case for conservative causes employed by the T&G.) It's and election.  Discuss the issues and the policies, not the imaginary flaws and conspiracies of the candidates.

The main difference between the partisan hacks on both sides is that the Tea Party/Activate Worcester crowd has decided the only path to victory isn't by running, or even running better, more informed candidates, but by shutting down the vote of people they think will vote for Democrats.

If they actually had proof of voter fraud, it would be out there.  Instead, we get unsubstantiated charges and vigilantism in the name of partisan bias.

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