Friday, January 6, 2012

A funny thing happened in the T&G Comment Section!

I admit that I read the T&G comments, largely in an attempt to understand my fellow Worcesterites.  I rarely post because the level of hatred, ignorance and contempt for the English language makes my eyes bleed.

I wanted to read the comments in Thursday's article regarding President Obama's appointment of Richard Cordray to head the CFPB to see how my fellow Worcesterites felt about the CFPB.  Surprisingly enough there was an intelligent discussion of House and Senate rules, the Constitution, the possible constitutional implications of any future action by Cordray, and a rehashing of the recess appointment in recent American history.

I applaud the following T&G subscribers: Fitzgm, Alfred J. Lemire, I'm Just Saying..., and  IThinkForMyself. 

Traveller, -Q, unconventionalcontrarian, maclear, bigredone, v8chip: see the teacher after class.  You need to elevate the substance of your posts.

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