Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I read today.

I just finished two very different, and very long, pieces on some major personalities in American politics.

Michael Joseph Gross of Vanity Fair's piece on Sarah Palin, while probably satisfying for most people who dislike her politics, lacks real sources.  It feels like a confidential kitchen rant over coffee, rather than a portrait of a national figure. 

On the other hand, Jane Mayer of The New Yorker nailed the subject of the Koch Brothers and the astro-turfing of the political landscape.  Even Clive McFarlane referenced her piece today!  (I expect a rebuttal from Robert Z. Nemeth sometime in January of 2012.) had two fun pieces on the Kochs combining their love of astroturf organizing and hypocrisy
This piece made me see red.  By all means, former Senator Simpson- cut off funding for veteran's health care to balance the budget, and eliminate Social Security.  I wish you were still retired, along with your co-worker, David Cote.
I will be attempting this recipe, this recipe or this recipe this weekend....but adding candied bacon and caramel.

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