Thursday, July 22, 2010

Great Question!

“We may look at [a certain] street and figure out how to make it more user-friendly,”  -Robert Moylan, Department of Public Works Commissioner
Are you sure about that Commissioner?

 “There’s usually little additional cost associated with accommodating bicycles and pedestrians,” he says. “Sometimes as little as changing the striping on the road.  Are we just building more of the same or are we building the 21st century transportation system we want and need?”  -David Watson, Executive Director of MassBike

Just think- that giant stretch of black asphalt could have been a bike lane, or three!  And while I am on the subject of bike lanes, why didn't they include one during the recent resurfacing of Chandler Street?  Maybe it's because the surface isn't finished yet?  Biking to work last week down Chandler Street was a major inconvenience due to the half assed finishing job on the street surface.  The road surface wasn't even finished and flush with the curbs and driveways, making my minuscule bike space a rutted, uneven, debris filled obstacle course.  Kudos to Worcester Magazine's Jeremy Shulkin for another great article!

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