Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm not surprised.

There was an interesting piece on yesterday about the State Probation Office and patterns of nepotism and cronyism under the direction of Jack O'Brien.

Central Massachusetts made the article with a reference to former Worcester Courthouse Probation Officer Ashley Losapio and references to West Boylston's State Representative James J. O’Day, Charlton's State Representative Geraldo Alicea, and Clinton's State Representative Harold P. Naughton Jr.


Nicole said...

While Losapio is formerly of Worcester, she continues to work as a probation officer at Westboro District Court.

While she was investigated, she returned to work in Westboro and -- as far as the Herald is concerned -- continues to work as a probation officer.

Sean Dacey said...

It must be nice to be protected by higher powers.

Anonymous said...

Personally knowing this person, She's always been protected because of her Dad. That's politics for you . Perfect person for a position of power to be transfered and given more pay. Her integrity and morals are lacking and she'll never change. She Still visits her inmate friends in jail. Its despicable and sickening.